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Rusted Rooster, where humans, animals, crops & machinery live together in harmony


Sean O'Donnell purchased the farmland that is now Rusted Rooster Farm in 2008, and, since he’s always enjoyed fresh dirt and already owned a few tractors, He went right to work clearing brush and stumps getting the land  ready to plant his first crop. In addition to producing a large vegetable garden on his parents’ land.

In the fall of 2010, Sean married Sandra LaGoy of Milo, who’d been milking cows for a living the past  year and was already passionate and experienced at raising animals herself. The two of them started growing grain in earnest in 2011, including participating in a wheat breeding trial for Cornell University. They also started growing human babies! Their crop of youngsters, Shannon, Jackson, Chloe, and Lacey are quite involved on the farm as well.
Rusted Rooster Farm has gradually added crops until today, they produce a whopping six different varieties of grain, two cover crops for seed, two varieties of flint corn, three types of dry beans, hay, and straw. Also a major component of Rusted Rooster is the four horses, forty two head of cows, four milk goats, fifteen sheep, seventy-five meat chickens, and six dogs. In addition, Sean, Sandra, and their loyal little helpers farm an addition five hundred and fifty acres, a couple hundred of which is in grain.

Sean and Sandra were named Outstanding Cooperators of the Year for 2014 by NRCS, and Sean is actively involved in researching and working to bring back grain growing in Maine, including a program sponsored by University of Maine at Orono.

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