This is What we have available at this time we will update from time to time.

Flint Corn

November 12, 2017

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Organic Straw

September 19, 2017

We have Organic Straw for sale right now. Very clean square bales for $5.50 a bale and very clean round bales for 40$ a bale with free delivery within 20 miles of Parkman for a truck load.

We also have Mulch round bales of straw for 30$ a bale great for bedding.

First Cut Hay

October 03, 2017

First cut hay for sale. 4$ Out of the barn. Horse quality.  Delivery available with a whole truck load. Round bale 3x4 $20 each

Second Crop Hay

November 12, 2017

We have second crop square bales available. Really nice quality horse hay. Great for the long winter months ahead. 5$ a square bale. Delivery available.

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