Fixing Tractors; a family affair

Grain farmers rely on many pieces of machinery to cultivate the soil and accomplish a variety of agricultural goals. Sean has worked on all types of engines with his brothers, from... pretty much right after birth. fixing machinery turned from a hobby to day job and developed into an important part of who SEan is.

Harvey Agricultural Equipment in Dover-Foxcroft, an antique tractor institution and a haven of mechanical expertise, is where Sean developed his mechanical ability further and became a pillar of his community when it comes to... "who around here can fix this?" Now he only goes into work when they have a particularly difficult job.

Sean knows that the future of his farm is his children so they are often alongside him when he is fixing things. Jackson's skills are improving with every nap under a tractor that he takes.

Rusted Rooster has amassed a reliable stable of tractors, balers, plows, and the many tools necessary to grow grains organically in Maine. Sean has used his mechanical ability to fix equipment that was not working or help his neighbors with their problems to be able to grow the resources at his disposal.

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