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Open Farm Walk


Rusted Rooster hosts an annual Farm walk in late July. The O'Donnells open their Farm to a group of farmers, neighbors and local agricultural leaders. The interest in the O'Donnells farm and agricultural operations has steadily risen since their farm was founded in 2011. Rusted Rooster relies heavily on Sean's ability to make relationships with the land-owners and fellow farmers in his immediate area. Recently Sean's success as an organic grain farmer and his ability to consistently harvest sought after crops in challenging conditions has been recognized by many institutions in the New England Agricultural community.



If you're interested in farming or our food supply the O'Donnells can tell you all about what mistakes not to make, farming in Maine. Sean is a pillar of his community and tries to give back as much as he can. Come by Rusted Rooster and the O'donnells will introduce you to some of their children who will probably introduce you to some of their animals.



Crops, animals, children, the O'Donnells like raising all three, they ask that you treat all three with respect when you come learn about farming in Maine.


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