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Rusted Rooster, always building.

Since Rusted Rooster was founded in 2011 Sean has been building and growing the farm's infrastructure piece by piece. Sean has the ability to make buildings appear at a fraction of the cost of a contractor. In 5 years 3 buildings have been built. The pole barn build, shown below allows Sean to move his goats around by simply dragging them with a tractor to areas where the livestock can graze.


Measure twice, cut twice also :) Sean does not consider

himself a finish carpenter however it is clear that if a building needs to be built on Rusted Rooster, it gets built.


Rusted Rooster is driven forward everyday by Sean's hard work, but he would tell you that without his family nothing would get built.



as much as possible building materials are reused to reduce cost. The Pole-barn is a great example of how reducing cost can also reduce the use of resources and our impact on the environment.


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Brilliant in the Basics

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