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Massy Harris 35 Combine

After searching on craigslist and uncle henrys for a small combine like this one for a few years Sean finally found a Massy Harris 35, the smallest self propelled combine commercially built in America right here in southern Maine! Aug 13, 2017 we headed out to pick it up with the ramp truck.

We later learned it hadn't been run since before Sean was born! For 32 years it set idle in a barn waiting for Sean! Needless to say it needed to be cleaned before we could use it. He took the motor apart and took out a mouse nest! Took the whole back end apart and cleaned out the straw walkers because they were all plugged as u can see below. After about 20 plus hours Sean had it all cleaned and ready to go!

But even than it took him a bit to adjust it just right for the barley. Its worked awesome!

We call it the "baby combine"! The hopper can fit about 1000lbs of grain. Check out our YouTube Channel if you want to watch it run.

Brilliant in the Basics

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