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Cleaning up for snow!!

I don't know about you but I love snow!!! Everything is pure white and clean. Then there is hot woodstove fires, hot chocolate and cider, Snow ball fights, snow forts and snowmobiles!! But best of all lots of family time and snuggles!

But before all the snow comes, there is picking up outside, putting things away for the winter, making sure the snowplow wont hit anything and there is plenty of room for all the snow. Also putting the animals in their warm barns and making sure their birthing pens are ready for lambing season!!!

So these last few weeks have been getting ready for snow. We made really good progress but a lot slower than we thought because Sean pulled muscles in his back so he has been laid up for about a week now.

But we were still able to put the cows in the barn, pick all the corn, bring in the firewood, pick up outside where the snow will be plowed, wash all the equipment and start bring the grain to the warehouse.

Oh and we have a neighbor building us a 12' by 28' mud room!!! I am so excited about that! It will be SO nice to have a place for muddy boots and snowy snowsuits!

More pictures to come!

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