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Fancys 2019 Pups

Fancy had 6 pups on January 21 2019 after a long labor. At 2 am i was woken up by Fancy banging on the living room gate. When I went out all she wanted me to do was sit by the birth pool with her. The same thing she wanted from me the last two mornings. She would lay her tired head on my lap and go back to sleep almost like she just needed to know I was going to be there for her. We sat there together until 8 when I got up to feed the family some breakfast. She then followed me around laying at my feet every time I stopped moving for more then two minutes. By 10 She started shaking so I knew she was getting close! By 11 we had the first beautiful tri male! She had the last one at 5 pm. Throughout the day she eat an egg and drank some milk while laboring to keep her strength up. I was very proud of her! The last pup was a gorgeous brown tri female!! Shes the best mom ever!

Fancy at 2am making sure I was there for her.

Tired Laboring Mama

Tired laboring Mama

Proud mommy!!

Blue Merle Male

Blue Merle Female

Brown Tri female

Black Tri Male

Black Tri Male

Red Merle female

All dried up and sleeping while mommy went outside

Getting some sunshine and vit D!

Brilliant in the Basics

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