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Spring 2019

The snow is melting slowly, windows are open daily, greens growing in the greenhouse, mud is appearing everywhere and the animals all are getting spring fever!! Today I looked out and my flower garden is starting to pop through. I cant wait to work on building more stone beds and planting more flowers and herbs!

We had three calves born. One is a bull mostly Devon with a little jersey and the other two are half jersey and half Devon heifers out of my two jersey milk cows. This will be the last calf out of our favorite milk cow, Buttercup.:-( But we are going to tame the heifer calf and make it our next family cow. The calves ended up in the mudroom for a few days because they were cold and didn't eat right away but both are now nursing off their moms and doing great!

Lacey LOVES to help with barn chores, well help out everywhere! Don't mind the messy face she had just finished eating a chuck wagon cookie that she helped make!

Fancy puppies all found wonderful homes!!! We did keep little Princess the brown tri. She is learning so fast. we are teaching her to sit and to stay in the living room while we are eating meals and of course house breaking her. Lacey is doing a lot of the training with me because its her puppy and shes doing such a great job! Im So proud of her.

Horses thinks its spring!! They are shedding BAD!! They are growing and i can see baby bumps!!!!

We are looking forward to a new year and working the soil! I love watching things go from seeds to harvest and knowing we are helping the world be a better place. Also the food grown yourselves taste so much better then food u buy from the store in my option! This was picked out of my greenhouse a few days ago.

I am also looking forward to the kids being able to go outside and play without getting muddy or cold! These gals are looking forward to running outside barefoot, going swimming and riding bikes!

We went to NY to meet a farmer to get this new clipper grain cleaner! When we hit Mass the muffler went and it was SO loud but no problem because farmer Sean brought everything short of a torch! We pulled into a parts store and jacked the suburban up, pulled out all his tools and fixed it. took about 40 minutes and we were back on the road again driving in style...well at least not getting a headache from the loud muffler!! Love my mechanic dude!

Special shout out to my wonderful daughter Shannon who is turning into a gorgeous young lady and a huge helper!! She can cook, wash dishes, do laundry, house chores, animals, sew, crochet, latch and hook, loves to build stuff out of wood and help daddy clean grain! Hard to imagine this girl made me a mom almost 8 years ago, I was scared out of my mind, what if I didn't do it right? What if I messed up? What if I couldn't do the whole mom thing? But she was the easiest baby and built up my confidence and showed me that she can teach me almost more then I can teach her! I have LOVE watching her grow, watching all of her firsts and love our time together! Sometimes when Im having a bad day she'll come up to me and say "mom let me do that you go take a break i'll be fine." She is so sweet, kind hearted and so smart! I look forward to learning right along with her while she continues to grow into a young woman!

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