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Little Scratch

After a busy day shopping and lugging around my 3 girls all day with some family in Freeport. We were all tired and ready to go home. The younger kids were tired from walking around all day and so ready for their naps. While loading the kiddos into their car seats, the guy in the next car got out and was kind of a jerk. The cops were called to deal with what looked like bird poop but he thought was a dent in his car that he thought we put there when we were loading the kiddos up. At first I was shaken up. He was demanding our info, taking pictures etc. I was tired and just wanted to sit down for a bit. I wanted to be mad at the guy for complaining about this little thing that after the cops wiped off u couldn't even see anything! I let it bother me the whole way home. Then when I got home I started to clean and think about it some more. When something is bothering me I like to keep my hands busy and that means I clean. It helps me think. The thought came to me to pray for him, the woman with him and their little girl. I wanted to stop replaying what happened in my mind over and over again and stop being mad at this guy whoever he was. I prayed they would get good sleep that night and the baby wouldn't keep them up. I prayed God would help him not be such a jerk in the future and then this thought popped up in my head like a light bulb turning on, Is this how God feels when we complain about all of these little things that isn't even noticeable or isn't even worth giving it our precious time of day? Does God try not to laugh at "the scratch" that you need a magnifying glass to even see or better yet that turns out it is just bird poop? I don't think he laughs. I think he takes time out of his day for us. I think he is patient with us and listens to our every word. But should we really bother him with all these "little scratches" when there are SO many bigger things for him to worry about? Maybe what seems like a little scratches are HUGE dents for other people.

This year has been really hard for me. I have been sick. Really sick. Spending weeks in bed or on the couch at a time. Not being able to eat or when I did eat being in a lot of pain. Now that I am getting better I get so frustrating that I am till not back to my "normal" self. I get so frustrated I can't do what I used to be able to do or what I think I should be able to do now. But shouldn't I praise Him that I'm not on the couch for weeks at a time now? Shouldn't I be focusing on the accomplishments I achieve rather big or small? Maybe if I spent more time focusing on the good rather than the bad I would be happier! Everyone would be happier and life would be a better place.

Brilliant in the Basics

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