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Bumps in the road

It's been awhile. We have been really busy. Things were going really well and then two weekends ago we had a few accidents one of them put me in a sling my right arm know less. It's been really hard for me we have a lot to do and being right-handed and having my right hand in this sling I haven't been able to do a lot. I have come to be thankful for all the little things I used to be able to do myself, like being able to clean underneath my own fingernails:-) and getting used to being humble enough to ask for help even for stupid little things like cutting open a bag of burger to make burgers for dinner. Thankfully the kids are huge helps and my husband stepped up even though he is super busy on the farm and helps out. I have learned not to take things for granted and not to be so picky about the little things like how straight the towels are folded because let me tell you doing it one-handed they don't come out very straight. I'm pretty sure my left arm will be pretty strong when this is all over with:-) on a good note we got our basement walls poured!! Also we realized our Fleet of standard transmission vehicles are great until you hurt your right arm lol! We are so thankful for the Neighbors who have given us some dinners and for my sister who came to wash the dishes and clean my kitchen! God bless them all!! I have had a really hard time staying positive through this all it's been almost 2 weeks with more to come but I have come to terms try to make the most out of this. Also I am thankful for the speak to text option on my phone so I could write this lol 😆

Brilliant in the Basics

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