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Bunnies for Sale

My 9 yr old daughter Shannon, has been raising bunnies and has requested that I add hers on the website too! She took all the pictures herself. We got her a camera because she would like to start taking the pictures for the website which she is super excited about.

Any ways these are hers. They are 5 weeks old and ready to go to good homes in 3 weeks. She is asking 15$ each. They are Tennessee Rednecks. Handled daily and are very sweet. She thinks they're all girls. There favorite treats are home grown organic carrots and they love clover!

Hello I'm pumpkin. I am a little bit on the rowdy side and haven't be easy for Shannon to try to tame me like my siblings.

Hello I'm Cinder. I love to be held on my back and will fall to sleep while you hold me. I don't like my pellet food much but love me some clover, hay and carrots the best.

Hello my name is Robin. I am super tame and loves to be held!

Hello I am Maple. I love to eat out of people hands.

Hello I am Spots, I love to sleep all day long. I have a very sweet personality but like to nibble on my mom hands!

Just let Shannon know if you would like any of these cuties to be your new pet!

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