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Busy Spring Planting

Hey guys I wanted to pop in and say thank you for your understanding and being patience for updated pictures! We have started tilling and planting the fields! We are super excited this is the earliest we have ever planted before! Our winter grains look awesome even with so little snow this winter! Planting as been going pretty good although I did break an axle in the harrow yesterday so that put us behind alittle. Thank God I married a husband who can fix our broken pieces of equipment and be back to planting in no time!

I have also been working on our website and bagging up orders to ship out today! I have worked out alot of kinks so I think the shipping is working correctly now! If you guys see anything I should add or fix just send me a note I am all ears!

Thank you all for you're patience!

Will post pictures in the next day or two!

Have a wonderful week!

Brilliant in the Basics

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