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We added Hedgehogs to our farm last fall! Its a lot of fun learning about them. They will teach you how to hold them by poking you with their quills if you do something they didn't like or if you scared them so you learn fast lol Or at least I try to!

We bred Rosie and she had 3 of the pinkest tiniest things I've ever held! They are born with 2 rows of quills down their back but they're like hair until they are about a week old and then they're as sharp as needles! She was a great mom! Wouldn't let anyone hold them or less she was eating so the kids learned real fast to feed her worms to get her to come out of her bed and then they would hold the babies. Only problem with that is after about 4 weeks of during this multiple times daily, the mama become quite heavy! lol She was fatter then when she was pregnant! SO we moved her into a box that we could just lift off them and hold the babies that way. Thankfully mama loves to run on her exercise wheel so she lost some of the extra weight. They do LOVE to eat!

Don't they look like little Trolls?!

I mean who would love these little cute creatures?!?!

Brilliant in the Basics

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