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LONG over do puppy update!

Hey Everyone I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update about the puppies. Things are just crazy busy here and i just cant seem to catch up! All the pups went to the vets this last Saturday and all are healthy! Everyone got weighed, dewormed and got their first shots. They will be sent home with a bag that includes a tug a war rope, bag of food and pamphlet saying what the vet did and how much they weighed. They are keeping us busy but we are all loving puppy snuggles and the kids are totally enjoying playing with them!

Patches litter (purple collars) is ready to be picked up Thanksgiving day the 25th

Fancy litter (blue collar) is ready to be picked up Black friday the 26th

And Jenga litter (pink collar) is ready to be picked up Sunday the 28th

So something I have noticed and LOVED since I started breeding puppies is when people would show up to pick out a forever puppy that if its meant to be the puppy and the new owner always had a connection! I love seeing that! It makes breeding dogs worth it even if it was just to see that! So thank you to all!!!

THANK YOU all for being SO patient with me!

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