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Love the neighbors

So last night I was reading about hay prices and more then a few people that don't hay but have animals were all upset and one lady wrote whoever upped their hay prices last year are evil people and only out to rip people off and take their money and where is the love the neighbor!

Farmers arent out there to get rich and they aren't out just to get ur money and make u sell you're animals. Sean and I hayed more acres then normal last year but we got under half as much hay as we normally do. Half as much hay but double as much time and diesel to get it. Which makes it so farmers have to raise their price just to break even. Also half as much to sell.

We bought corn silage last winter so our customers wouldn't run out and have to sell their animals. We bought hay from PA because they couldn't find any hay around here even though we didn't need it ourselves just so they didn't have to buy a whole load. Alot of farmers go out their way to help their customers. And years like last year farmers pulled together and helped other farmers who make a living off farming so that the farmer didn't loose his life work also. Yes hay is expensive but getting upset at the farmers who work their butts off just to make a living isn't the right answer. And farmers don't raise their hay prices so u will have to sell ur animals bc then they wouldn't have anyone to buy hay in a good year. There are some people out there who wants to get rich haying but most are nice hard working honest farmers just trying to stay afloat.

Thank the good Lord we got more rain!! Hay season is looking better already!! Stay strong. Life is harsh but with the good lord on your side we'll all pull through!

I should also say that if the drought has cause the hay to be short then ALL the farmers crops are in short supply not just

Brilliant in the Basics

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