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New Around the Farm

A friend of ours had 14 piglets born. The mom couldn't take care of two of them so he gave them to me to bottle feed them! One didn't make it :( She was just really little. I have never taken care of such little piglets before now so this is all new to me. I read a lot on the web and the bigger out of the two seems to be doing great! He runs up to me when he sees me coming with the bottle and loves his butt and stomach scratched! I gave him a lot of hay to sleep in and he likes to bury himself into it. I feed him every hour during the day and every two hours at night!

Don't mind the milk mustache

I just LOVE this picture!! Lacey just LOVES puppies and here she was telling him a story!It really looked like the pup was totally enjoying it too!

We had twin does born two days ago and all the kids were able to watch and so that was exciting! That will make it so we have 4 doe kids! One more is ready to pop any day now

Brilliant in the Basics

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