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New Equipment

We are on our way home from buying a tractor....let me tell you I am a country gal through and through. I thank GOD where I live and will appreciate it so much more now. We ended up taking George Washington Bridge in NY at rush hour! BOY OH BOY I would totally recommend NOT doing that! People beeping their horns, people playing chicken with cars, people throwing their hands up yelling "what the...." and then just as I was getting so stressed out (I stopped driving at the rest stop just before thank God Sean was the one driving!) This car pulls up beside us with 4 woman in it clapping their hands, laughing and singing with their windows rolled down. Their mood was very contagious so THANK YOU ladies! Keep it up!

Then we try to follow all the signs that says upper level but somehow ended up under ground in a tunnel that the roof looked like it had seen better days and wasn't very comforting. The sky was so inviting at the other end! So blue even though it was cloudy! :) God bless the open skies! Driving through the big buildings in NY all I could think of was how much I wanted fields, country, trees and to smell clean fresh air again!! Me and the boy we took with us kept saying how much we would much rather be doing barn chores then sitting in stop and go traffic any day of the wk!!

Well just so you all know we made it out alive and I can see trees! Lol

Ok so the reason we are traveling....!!!!.... we bought a tractor!! We are so excited and can't wait to bring her home....although I do feel sorry for the trucker if he gets lost like we did and ends up taking the route home that we did!

We bought a Case 4490 almost new with only 2600 hours (which if it was a car it would be around 40K miles) to tow our new speed disk!

Which by the way we bought an almost new speed disk!!

This spring is looking really good! The speed disk is to take the place of the harrow, cultipacker, planter (still up in the air about that bc the hopper can only hold 300lbs so really small) and the rock picker (us by hand!)! So instead of bring 4 peices of equipment to the feilds we will be taking one! Also means instead of 4 people working in a feild we will only have to have 1. It is supposed to operate at 8 mph so alot faster then any of the other equipment its replacing.

The only problem when they delivered it on their tractor we tried lifting it with ours and it wouldn't pick it up!

After some trial and error we found out our Case 4690 could lift it but that tractor needs work before spring and it drinks desiel like it's a strawberry milkshake on a hot day! ;)

We were very blessed to find this gem and we're hoping it makes our planting season go smoothly and faster.

Seeing all the green in NY, MD and PA and the daffodils blooming gave us all spring fever pretty bad! And in MD we saw cherry blossoms in full bloom! Gorgeous pink blossoms! Can't wait to work the dirt!

We were quickly reminded its not spring time on the way home and we aren't even in Maine yet!

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