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Rusted Rooster Farm Puupies

Just something I quickly wrote up about puppies and how we do somethings here and what you can expect. Some things might change from time to time but for the most part its the same. I put this in a to-go bag I put together for the puppies to take home.

Rusted Rooster Farm Puppies

You See a Puppy You Like

You saw my ad for the puppies and want to know more! Our puppies are born in our house in a birthing pen we make just for them! We make it so they have privacy from other dogs so they can bond with their puppies and spend all their time on nursing and taking care of their young without worrying about what is going on around them. Mama dog is getting spoiled with milk, meats, cottage cheese and all kinds of goodies to help her take care of all these cuties!

After they are about 2 weeks old their eyes start to open! And they start to wobble around the pen. This whole time we are getting LOTS of puppy snuggles with all the puppies!

When they are around 4 weeks old we introduce them to cows milk and puppy chow soaked in milk so its soggy and easy for them to eat! And we start taking them outside to play and go pee and poop outside.

Around 5 weeks old we start taking them outside multiple times daily to go potty and twice to play for a while, while we watch them.

Around 7 weeks we take them to the vet for their first shots, they get weighted and wormed, and are sent home with a health certificate and pamphlet signed by the Vet himself.

When Buy a Puppy

So you got in touch with me and set up a time to meet a puppy.

You picked out the perfect puppy for you and your family and now are wondering what to do!

I will ask for a 200$ cash nonrefundable deposit to hold the puppies until 8 weeks of age. I will have you fill out a deposit slip and will give you one and I will keep one for my records.

I will also post pictures of all the puppies on my blog every week so you can continue to watch you’re little cutie grow!

If you would like to come play with your puppy you can call or text and we can figure out a time for you to be able to do that.

I will set a date and time and will let everyone know when it is a week ahead of time to meet people in Newport to pick up their little cutie when they turn 8 weeks old no sooner. You can either meet me there or come all the way to the farm That is up to you.

Eight weeks seems like a long ways away but there are a lot you can do to get ready for when you come and pick up the puppy. There are sprays out there for spraying on anything you don’t want chewed up like table legs and chair legs etc. One is called “Bitter Apple”. I liked this one and I would spray it on anything I didn’t want chewed up and do it every other day until I thought the puppy got the point! Also buy lots of raw hides and chew toys.

Another thing I feed the puppies Purina Puppy Chow its in a blue bag. If you want to change the food I will send you home with a zip block bag of puppy chow so you can slowly change the food over so they don’t get sick. Do it slowly.

When its time to pick the puppy up I ask for cash. Ill give you a birth certificate, a toy, a zip block bag of food, the vet pamphlet and a receipt.

Remember we already started the house breaking process but they are a long ways from being totally house broken. They need to be brought outside often and after they eat!

Some tips

Make puppy sit when it wants to be patted.

Never let them jump on you! It might be cute when it’s a puppy but its going to grow into a dog!

Break the herding ASAP. Its not cute when a big dog bites the back of your feet!

Always walk out the door first and make them sit and wait until you are totally outside before they are allowed to run out or when they grow up, they’ll try and push you over to get out the door.

When they are puppies take their food away while they are eating and then make them wait a few minutes before giving it back to them to teach them not to get food aggressive and that you are the boss! This is very important!! This is good for little kids to do when they just get the puppy.

Also teach them to take food and treats out of your hands SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. They should be able to take treats from little kids without biting them. This is easy to teach when they are small and harder when they are older!

Remember dogs need lots of exercise or they will use their energy other ways!

Brilliant in the Basics

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