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Update Patches Pups!

They are drinking milk twice a day now and LOVING every minute of it. They get so excited when they see the bowl coming. They are now climbing out of their pen whenever they feel like it so at night we close the gate so they cant get lost lol.

Male SOLD. This big guy Rudy wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a picture. I tried so many pictures and 10 minutes before giving up. He just wanted to play! He loves to sleep but when taken out to play he plays none stop until we put them away! He is more laid back but is also a go getter if he wants something he wont give up until her gets it!

Male SOLD This little guy barks and is starting to play tug a war! He is the biggest biter out of the litter but we are working to teach him not to bite hands but to chew on toys! He LOVES his milk and will try to pig out on it! He wants to play outside too!

Female SOLD Trying to see if I would let her out to play! Giving me her best puppy eyes

Female SOLD Talulah is getting very energetic but doesn't know what to do with the milk yet. she drinks a little but would rather lick the other pups mouth while they drink out of the bowl lol she was the first one to learn how to jump out of her pen!

Female SOLD Kiwi is a very happy, go lucky, very quiet and content to do whatever whenever! And her ears are like this all the time!! She is still the smallest out of the 5 pups. She loves her milk but takes her time drinking like she doesn't have a care in the world!

Female SOLD Pebbles knows how to bark to get attention now! and she barks so the kids will let her out to run around the Livingroom and she jumps on your leg to be patted. I think she cant wait for it to warm up so she can go outside and run! Pebbles LOVES her milk and tries to see how much she can drink before I say its enough lol

Just a cute picture!!! They want to get out and play!

Brilliant in the Basics

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